No Carb Diets And Rapid Fat Loss

Popularized by New York cardiologist Dr.Robert Atkins, no carb diets (or very low carb versions) is founded on the “nutritional approach”.

By replacing carbs with foods rich in fat, the no carb diet is effective in achieving weight loss.

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A no carb diet eating list is almost entirely carnivorous. Meat, seafood, eggs and cheese are the mainstay. Liver and oysters are forbidden because of their carb content. Vegetables and nuts can be freely included.

A carb free diet plan needs some planning beforehand. Several no carb diet plans and recipes are available online. Combining an exercise routine with your no carb diet can encourage rapid fat loss. Consult your doctor before starting on a no carb diet because there are some potential dangers in following it.

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No Carb Diet
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