Loosing weight does not have to be a hard fought battle. Not if you understand basic principles – and can apply them with some discipline into your eating and exercise routines.

Think about this. You’ve surely known people who eat whatever they feel like eating, and yet don’t put on an extra ounce of weight.

Loosing weight
And then there are others like you and me who seem to swell up like a balloon every time we indulge ourselves or overeat.

What’s the reason for this difference?

In a word, metabolism. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is your body’s overall speed of breaking up nutrients to provide energy and heat. It is unique to each individual and depends on various factors including genetic, environmental and dietary. It also changes seasonally and depending on your level of exercise and fitness.

Those with naturally high BMR will find loosing weight easier. Losing weight is harder for slow metabolizers because the same amount of food is used for much more activity, leaving extra to be stored as fat. Still, being fat does not have to be your fate. You can boost your metabolism by doing some things right.

Take Advantage of Afterburn

For a while after you have finished exercising, your body continues to burn off more energy in recovering from the stress. A part of the energy goes to replenishing stores used up during the workout. The rest is to handle the temporarily higher metabolic processes all over the body.

With specific kinds of exercise like interval training and lifting heavy weights, this afterburn can continue for up to 24 hours after you’ve stopped exercise and help with loosing weight. This means that if you can incorporate a daily exercise routine into your schedule, you’ll enjoy a permanently higher BMR.

Losing weight becomes easy when your body is constantly revving at a higher basal metabolism. You can eat the same amount of food as before and enjoy weight loss instead of fat depositing around your middle.

Loosing weight

Eat The Right Foods

Protein in your diet is harder for the body to metabolize. This means that it uses up more calories while digesting protein. By eating more protein, you can ensure that your body burns up twice as many calories as with carbs or fatty foods.

These fat burning foods are helpful in losing weight by tuning up your metabolic rate and boosting the calorie consumption of all tissues of your body. In combination with exercise, this can be a powerful one-two punch on the fat stored up in your belly, thighs and arms.

Age Lowers Metabolism

Losing weight becomes harder as you grow older because your metabolism slows down as you grow older. This process begins as early as your 25th birthday, but only wends down gradually. You can keep the metabolic processes humming along at a higher rate by proper conditioning and good, healthy habits.

Muscle building exercises, good sleep every night, frequent smaller meals and high intensity interval training can all halt the rate of slowing down of your body’s metabolic rate. This ensures that losing weight will not be difficult into your old age.

In the ultimate analysis, anyone can make losing weight easy and effective with some common sense precautions. For the best results, you must follow a more structured program like Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”.

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Loosing Weight Isn’t Really Difficult
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