So you’ve been wondering about how to lose fat fast. You’re finally sick and tired of being overweight and have decided that it’s time to lose weight and improve your level of fitness.


The problem is that the fat you’ve accumulated over months and years is not magically going to vanish overnight. You’re going to work on it for a while, follow a strict diet regimen and working out regularly, before you can see meaningful and long-lasting results.

But how to lose fat fast? Well, there are some ways you can achieve a quick burst of weight loss. Understand that this may not last long, so combine it with a structured fat loss program like the “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” and you’re good.

So let’s talk about how to lose fat fast.

how to lose fat fast

Modify Your Lifestyle

Making small changes can go a long way in losing weight fast. It’s easier to make minor shifts in your lifestyle than to drastically change everything overnight. Don’t decide this is an “all or none” effort. Choose one or two things to change first, and then work them into your routine before attempting other changes.

Stop eating out

Restaurant food or take away from fast food joints is definitely going to add extra pounds to your belly, arms and thighs. The reason is that most takeaway food is high in fat and carbs. By deciding to eat out no more than once every week and cooking meals at home, you can enjoy healthier food while dropping weight fast.

Cut down on salt

Salt retention by your body is combined with water logging which adds to your weight. By avoiding snacks that are salty, like peanuts, chips, crisps, candy bars and the like, you can drop weight fast.

Eat breakfast

A healthy breakfast sets the tone for your day and prevents craving for sugary foods by mid-morning. You’ll be amazed at how to lose fat fast just by eating a full and balanced breakfast. A bowl of cereal or breakfast bars which provide you with 300 calories can leave you sated and energetic for most of the day.

how to lose fat fast
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Exercise regularly

You don’t have to go to the gym daily, if you don’t like to. Just do short and intense bursts of exercise at different times of the day. Jumping jacks and crunches are especially good ways of how to lose fat fast.

Get rid of unhealthy snacks

Look in your fridge or larder and see how many packaged snacks and high carb foods are on your shelves. Decide to get rid of them and not replace them again. Instead, buy healthy foods like seeds, nuts, grains and fruits or vegetables. This will help you lose weight and become healthier.

Go walking

Instead of hanging out with friends in a bar, decide to socialize over a long, brisk walk. It’s fun to chat and relax after a busy day at work, while your body gains energy and loses fat because of the exercise. The next time someone asks you how to lose fat fast, invite them along for your walk.

Say ‘No’

Don’t supersize your fast food order – ask for regular. Don’t order a pepperoni pizza – ask for vegetable toppings. Budget for dessert and calculate total calories in your meals. Small changes can add up to a big difference when it comes to how to lose fat fast.

With these simple modifications, you are certain to shed a few extra pounds of fat. For sustained benefits, you should consider following a program like Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss”.

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How To Lose Fat Fast